Blob Farm


The blob in all its glory:

Twirl with your mouse

Peanut shape

Click on the snapshot to download the blob's stl file. ../snapshots/blob24.png
Octave Code:
  # name of the blob
  project = "blob24";  
  function w = f(x2,y2,z2,c,r,e) 
   x  = (x2-c(1))/r(1);
   y  = (y2-c(2))/r(2);
   z  = (z2-c(3))/r(3);
   # function at origin must be <0, and >0 far enough away.  w=0 defines the surface
   w=(-34.93)+(-20.5).*x.^2+x.^4+4.5.*y.^2+2*x.^2.* ...
      y.^2+y.^4+18.*z.^2+8.*x.^2.*z.^2+8.*y.^2.*z.^2+ ...


 step = 4;  # grid pitch in mm  start with 4mm to see the shape quickly.  Once you have it just right, change to 2mm for printing

  c_outer = [0,0,0];
  r_outer = [20,20,20]; 

  source("../octave/func2stl_v01.m");  # do all the calculations
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